Selasa, 05 Desember 2017

[AMAZING] Dacia Sandero Stepway 2017 short review

[AMAZING] Dacia Sandero Stepway 2017 short review
Dacia is Renault’s sub-brand of no-frills cars with bargain basement prices. They use proven Renault engines and tend to offer a lot of space compared with similarly priced cars, but lag behind for build quality and technology.
The concept behind the Sandero Stepway is both incredibly simple and very effective. To create the Stepway, Dacia has merely added a raised ride height (by 40mm) and some plastic body cladding to what is the cheapest new car on sale in the UK (the basic Sandero starts from just £5,995), all in order to give the impression of being a small SUV.
In doing so it has created the most popular Dacia in the UK line-up.

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