Selasa, 05 Desember 2017

Toyota GT86 Blanco Review

Toyota GT86 Blanco Review, The Toyota GT 86 is a real back-to-basics sports coupe. It’s rather low on polish and finesse, but is simply brilliant to drive, Back in the 1980s Toyota was one of very few companies that offered a small hatchback with rear-wheel drive and a relatively powerful engine – the Corolla GT. It achieved legendary status and is regarded as one of the best driver’s cars of the eighties. Today’s Toyota GT 86 was created as an homage to that celebrated machine on which many rally drivers cut their teeth,
This time, though, Toyota wasn’t hamstrung by having to offer family-car practicality, and rather than being based on an existing hatchback, the GT86 has been designed specifically as a no-compromise sports car in its own right. Built in collaboration with Subaru, which offers its own version, the Subaru BRZ, the GT86 is a compact coupe with a style all of its own,
The GT 86 is not especially powerful compared to its coupe rivals, either: all offer more powerful engines than the 2.0-litre 197bhp petrol of the GT 86, but Toyota is here to tell you that power in itself isn’t the key to a good time behind the wheel. More important is that all the power can be effectively deployed and better still, enjoyed.

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